Sunday, April 28, 2013

What do you want? Part II

           Have you ever been exhausted waiting for God to answer your prayers? Or have you ever prayed for something so much bigger than you—that only a God-intervention makes it happen? 

Sometimes it feels like biting off more than you can chew.

I prayed for a BIG THING years ago. I was tired of praying about it even though I felt assured in my spirit that I was in the right direction. Nothing around me looked like it was ever going to happen.

Did I Miss God?

I wondered if I got off the wrong track somewhere. I checked and rechecked my motives. I sought godly counsel and advice. I even asked God to shut the door if it wasn’t His will. But the door always remained slightly ajar—not quite open, not quite closed. One day I fell back on my bed and said aloud, “Whatever happens…happens.” I was tired of wanting what may never happen. Believing in prayer became too hard. I heard a strange question in my mind:

So you want an Eliezer?

Eliezer Prayers (Genesis 15:2)
Abraham was frustrated because he was promised to have children numbering as the stars in the sky. Yet years later, he still was childless. Eliezer was Abraham’s head servant and destined to become the heir of the household.For Eliezer to become Abraham’s heir—he wouldn’t have to believe God. 

Whatever happens…happens. But God wanted Abraham to press forward in faith. God wants us to press forward in faith as well in spite of our BIG THING. We could just throw up our hands and give up. It is much easier in the short run, but if we do—we will always wonder What if I pressed in faith and believed God?

Ishmael Prayers (Genesis 16)
Sarah advised Abraham to sleep with her servant, Hagar, to produce an heir. It was simple biology 101—no faith required. It was an act of the flesh to bring about their answered prayer without having to wait on God. Their manipulation of God’s original plan with human effort only caused more pain and agony.

When asking God for our BIG THING, we may be tempted to step in the way and make it happen. We may seek human help/intervention financially or we may manipulate people or scripture to justify our actions. At any rate, it’s our own way and God won’t get the glory.

Isaac Prayers (Genesis 15:6)
Prayers of faith for that BIG THING may take time, effort, and patience. It’s the best way because the outcome results in the total glory going to God. For Abraham and Sarah to have a child in their old age was God. There’s no other explanation for 2 elderly people to have a son that would lead to the birth, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. God got the glory!

Your answered prayer to the BIG THING will have nothing to do with your skills, intelligence, influence, or financial status. It’s a magnificent testimony of God’s goodness and grace in spite of yourself.

My BIG THING took 18 months of praying, believing, trusting, and waiting. In that time I told others about it, even though I knew if it fell through, I would be embarrassed. But instead other people began to believe in God for their BIG THING. Not for worldly possessions to consume on our lusts, but rather to use our prayers of faith as a powerful and effective weapon in building up the kingdom of heaven.

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (James 5:16)

The New International Version. 2011 (Jas 5:16). Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.


  1. Great encouragement to step out in faith, Crystal. Thanks for leading others in that direction.

    1. Appreciate your words of encouragement Julie!

  2. Ah, love it, Crystal. Thank you much.

  3. Glad someone had the nerve to say it, "Believing in prayer became too hard". Have we all not felt that...but would never acknowledge it. One more of satan's powerful tools that needs to come out in the light. 18 months is a quick answer - mine has been 20 years and I'm thinking that maybe, finally, God is going to do something earth shattering! And boy is satan going to be ticked when He does!

    1. Amen Sister! Looking back 18 months was short compared to the other prayers that are taking much longer to see answered. But we press on believing our Heavenly Father is working it out behind the scenes. Satan is a defeated enemy and I know that his kingdom is coming down.