Sunday, November 30, 2014

??? Why Me ???

I’ve been going through a long trial for the last 2 years. In this time I’ve been stretched spiritually, emotionally, and physically…and all the while resisting the question: why me? As a maturing believer, I know better than to ask that question just as a teenager doesn’t fall out in a temper tantrum over spilled milk (or do they?).

What makes me think that I shouldn’t have times of suffering just like my brothers and sisters across the world? Should I not have times of crying, sleepless nights, and overwhelming disappointments? Should I expect everything to always go as I planned it should go? No, not if I want to grow in my faith.

While the agony of my situation hasn’t changed…I have. I’ve grown to be tougher and tender—tough on the deceitfulness of sin in my life and tender towards those who are deeply wounded. I’m not perfect, but I’m being perfected through the grace of God to be more like His Son, Jesus Christ.

So if I embrace the question: ‘why me’ in trials and temptations—should I then also ask the same question in times of blessings? I’ve yet to hear anyone ask God ‘why me?’ when things are going well.

Why should I have a relationship with Jesus Christ instead of living a lie? Should I expect to have joy and peace in the midst of a storm? Should I enjoy the grace of God that gives me strength to make it day to day?

I have this quote from Joseph Bailey on my wall: “Save me God from success. I fear it more than failure which alerts me to my nature, limitations, destiny. I know that any success apart from your Spirit is mere euphemism for failure.”

Why me? Because I’m uniquely chosen by God to go through this time of trial to become everything He wants me to be. Why me? Because no pain nor tears are ever wasted in the kingdom of God. Why me? Because He is preparing me for a greater glory in order to draw more people to the cross. Why me? Because I’m growing into this relationship with God slowly, but assured of His presence and hand over my life.

So what about you? Why you?